The move out in three simple steps

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    Three simple steps seem totally insufficient, for God sake, there are checklists for this thing full of tasks and after only a quick glance at all of them, you are terrified and desperate. But maybe we make it all seem so hard and maybe our attitude is what makes us miserable instead of enthusiastic before every move out. Because, yes, it is stressful and tense, but it is exciting as well – you are going to live somewhere else, you will have new neighborhood, you will meet new people and visit new places, you will have new house which will soon turn into a home, you will have the chance to decorate it beautifully, to invite friends and to make new memories, you will have a new shelter for your soul and you will leave part of yourself there.

    But the real question is how to organize all the work we need to do so that we can enjoy all of the interesting things about the new place we are going to live in.

    If you follow these few steps and you stop complicating everything too much, this whole thing will turn out to be pretty amazing.


    In fact if everything is perfectly organized right from the beginning, it won’t be that time-consuming, tiring or annoying. So the best thing you could do is to start the preparation earlier. Find a proper transportation and then start packing. Actually the way you pack your stuff in your old home is determining for the first days in your new one. So instead of just throwing everything in boxes without any order, arrange everything well and put the things you will need first in a box that you will easily find. These are your clothes and cosmetics, your tooth-brush, for instance, and the coffee-maker. With them by your side you will have a wonderful first couple of days there.

    End of tenancy cleaning

    This is considered as one of the most unpleasant parts of the move out, but in reality you can cope easily with it. Make a research and find a fantastic end of tenancy cleaning company and that’s it. They will arrive at your home at time, totally convenient for you, fully equipped and will perform a skillful, professional and expert clean-up. In only a day they accomplish everything you will otherwise need weeks to perform. Easy peasy solution.

    Say good-bye

    Sometimes we hate the move out, because we become attached to our home and our neighborhood and we don’t like the idea of never living here again, we are afraid of the unknown. This is the sentimental part and that is why you may have to do something to say good-bye. Organize a BBQ in the backyard for one last time here and a movie night in the garden under the starry sky. And don’t do it because you won’t be able to have such a nice experience in your new home, but because you will miss your old one, you will somehow long for it.